Retrouvailles – a short story

There's something there amidst the quiet. I can see it but I can't reach it and I'm afraid to. I see it there, in the distance. I'm not sure if I should approach it. It's at the corner of my eye. It's just there, constant in the silence. Just waiting patiently for me. I shouldn't… Continue reading Retrouvailles – a short story


I’m scared of my imagination

Do you ever overthink things? Worry about being worried about something? Worry about something that hasn't happened? Well, that's me. The overthinker I call myself. I worry about being chased. Being alone. Being trapped. I'm afraid of the dark. Or as a friend once told me, I'm afraid of what's in the dark. My imagination… Continue reading I’m scared of my imagination

Now playing: Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

I've always been a hardcore fan of video games and Square Enix has never let me down. The animation and the music keeps getting better and better; and I love the Final Fantasy games. I don't own a PS4 or an Xbox so I thought that I wouldn't get a chance to be able to… Continue reading Now playing: Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Songs I’m currently listening to

Recently my music choices have somewhat been largely influenced by Timothée Chalamet. Don't judge me. I'm weak and only human. *hides* Black Panther also has an entire album of awesomeness, so there's that too. Salute to you, Kendrick Lamar! My playlist for now: Go Legend (& Metro Boomin) - Big Sean, Travis Scott I Forgot -… Continue reading Songs I’m currently listening to

Asian Problems

So I'm Asian, specifically Malaysian. I've been having a hard time trying to please my family due to the expectations that they have of me. I'm currently studying Biomedical Science. I mean, it's great and all, but it's not exactly what I would have chosen for myself. You see, the problem with most Chinese families… Continue reading Asian Problems

BAFTAs 2018

So the awards happened while I was sleeping. Hate this pesky thing called time zones. But oh well, time to gush. So I woke up this morning to an explosion on Twitter about the BAFTA results and what's trending. For those of you who don't know what BAFTAs is, it stands for the British Academy… Continue reading BAFTAs 2018