Now playing: Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

I’ve always been a hardcore fan of video games and Square Enix has never let me down. The animation and the music keeps getting better and better; and I love the Final Fantasy games. I don’t own a PS4 or an Xbox so I thought that I wouldn’t get a chance to be able to play this but they released a pocket edition! I mean, they released a Windows edition of FFVX as well, but my laptop won’t be able to handle it to give me a smooth gameplay. Within an hour of downloading the game, I’ve already finished Chapter 1 and am planning to buy the rest of the chapters.


There are 10 chapters in total and the first one is free. Awesome. At least I’m able to test it out first before deciding to buy it. I have to say that the fight scenes are really fun and user-friendly for a mobile version. Kinda cool that they kept the original audio for every character so you get the same voices and audio for the cutscenes. The only difference being that they made the entire game into a chibi version instead of trying to retain the same quality on mobile. The resolution is really good so the huge game size is not unexpected and totally worth it!


It essentially keeps the essence of the original game but the quests are more organised and less complicated. The original game has more quests and they allow you to go back and complete it. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming due to the never ending quests. I only know this from my friends who have played it. This pocket edition has side quests as well but they don’t allow you to go back to the previous locations to complete it. Thus, the quests are more paced out and completing it gives some interesting rewards.

I can’t wait to start Chapter 2 soon! No regrets for spending money on this. Giving it 9/10. Not perfect because of the loading problems I had in the beginning but it’s solved now :))


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