Moods of the Sky

Doesn’t it seem like there’s a whole world that’s out there to discover? We’re bounded on land but we place our hopes in the skies. We look above for answers, to reflect on ourselves or maybe just to enjoy the view. Oh, what wonders we have achieved. Flying and soaring above the clouds. Exploring the world that seemingly boundless.

I live in a place where there are no seasons. Only bouts of hot, sunny days and rain. There are some days where the clouds seem to block out the blazing rays of the sun and it’s just a wonderful, windy day. Perfect for a stroll at the park or a cup of tea with pancakes! It’s days like these that I’ve come to appreciate for they are few and far between.

Rainy days make me wanna curl up under my blanket and just enjoy a good book or a feel-good movie. I’m a hermit at heart and I just love staying home and being alone. I’m an extroverted introvert and many have a hard time believing that I’m shy and I have anxiety. I love the way that the sky and weather seem to have a way of speaking to my soul, comforting me and empathising with me. When days are bad or when I’m tired to the bone, it feels as if the rain might wash away my misery and nothing else matters. Be gone, the dirt and dust from the day and rest for now.

Sunshine and blue skies are a thing to behold but I can’t take the heat for long. I don’t like hot weather and it’s probably cause of my body’s tendency to sweat a lot and my clammy hands. On rare occasions where I feel cooped-up and stuck, I have the urge to just leave the house and actually feel the sun on my skin, keeping me warm. When it’s bright and sunny out, it turns out that I feel happier too. With it bringing warmth and energising my soul. I see tall trees with their green leaves and plants swaying with the sun and breeze.

When it’s night, I do love staring up into the skies and trying to see if I can spot the stars and constellations. I know that I’m only staring mere balls of hot gases and their light takes hundred of light years to travel to Earth. Some of the stars that I’m staring at might already be dead but their light still shines to us as if twinkling goodbye.

I guess that I’m pondering this because I’ve just watched this animated movie by Makoto Shinkai, Weathering With You. I’m touched by all the intricacies of human emotions and hopes that are connected to the weather. I’ve always loved legends, magic and lores that surrounds us. I honestly like the first movie, Your Name better but this one is definitely not to be missed! With the music and setting calling out to me, I can definitely feel the emotions and troubles that we all as humans go through. So, while we are mere tiny specks of life in this vast, unknown universe, I’d liked to believe that every one of us has a story to tell and since we’re already living, we might as well make the best of it.


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