Thoughts before flying

Considering that it has been 8 years since the last time I was on a plane, in which coincidentally, was also my first time, I have a lot of questions (which might be stupid) and doubts about going on an aeroplane. It all began last night when I found myself tossing and turning, being unable to sleep because my brain kept supplying me with endless questions about the airport, my luggage, customs and even plane seats. I’ll be attending the wedding of my future sister-in-law’s sister’s wedding. It made sense in my head but I’m not sure if it translates well in writing.

I know that some of the answers to those questions can be found on the internet. But admittedly, most of them are silly doubts that may be caused by my anxiety. Whilst packing, I worried about whether my toner bottle was going to leak in my luggage. The problem of, “Do I have enough cotton pads?” or “Do I have enough dresses or clothing?” Admittedly, the latter question does not have an answer due to the simple fact that I do not have an itinerary of what I’ll be doing once we get there. In fact, I do not even know when is the exact day of the wedding. I had one helpful clue, the theme of the wedding is red. Alright then, do you mean the actual wedding ceremony, the dinner or the tea ceremony? (On second thought, it was only partially helpful). I don’t really have a fondness for red so I had to buy a dress specifically for the wedding which was actually kind of fun (shopping always is). But I don’t have it in me to pack an entire wardrobe of red. Can you imagine? (shudders).

God, I hope the hotel has WiFi. Also, do aeroplanes have WiFi now? With my very limited knowledge of aircraft and international travel, I am curious about that. Because I usually see photos and videos of the plane window on Instagram, I wonder if taking photos on the plane is allowed and if it is, when it is allowed. Does that mean I’m not allowed to do so during take off and landing? I don’t recall much from my previous flight which was (sadly) 8 years ago so I look forward to being on an aeroplane but I’m not sure if I will enjoy the take off. Thinking about it too much is making me hard to breathe.

Disregarding the anxiety and stress of air travel, I’m looking forward to a quick getaway before I search for jobs. (Yes, I am unemployed. My convocation is coming soon in August and I can’t wait to see my friends again and to finally wear that robe). Wish me luck for my travels! As soon as I get internet connection, I’ll be updating about my travels and maybe with some photos, as well. And it’s back to packing, for me. Anna, out.


6 thoughts on “Thoughts before flying”

  1. Not sure about wifi on american planes, phones can be used after take off or before not during, and they have to be on airplane mode. Cameras i believe are different. Either way enjoy the flight read a book or watch an inflight movie (if they have it) and have fun at your future families wedding. I understood what you meant 🙂

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