Moods of the Sky

Doesn't it seem like there's a whole world that's out there to discover? We're bounded on land but we place our hopes in the skies. We look above for answers, to reflect on ourselves or maybe just to enjoy the view. Oh, what wonders we have achieved. Flying and soaring above the clouds. Exploring the… Continue reading Moods of the Sky


I have my priorities straight

NO SPOILERS! Not to worry. Anyways, I am currently in the midst of finals and that's why my blog has been semi-dead. But I'll get back to posting frequently again as soon as this torture is over. Despite the hectic rush and cramming, I managed to find the time to go to the cinema to… Continue reading I have my priorities straight

Saturday Night Trek

So I've just finished a Star Trek reboot movie marathon. I've been a trekker ever since I was a child. I've watched the original Star Trek and I loved it. But I have to say that the reboot actors are definitely easier on the eyes. I absolutely adore the cast for the reboot. Chris Pine,… Continue reading Saturday Night Trek