Apps that I’m obsessed with

I know that it’s been a while since my last post and there’s a reason for that. It seems that every time I try to blog, there’s always something in the way. The internet connection, broken screen (a section of my laptop screen had lines across it and I can’t see through them as they’re so numerous now), lacking ideas and anxiety. I’ve been trying to hide it but applying for jobs and waiting for their reply is really wreaking havoc on my nerves. I’m constantly checking my email and checking their social media. Also, it is at this point as I’m typing that I’m simply hoping that there’s no typos as I wouldn’t even be able to see them anyways unless I continue typing to ensure that the paragraph goes higher on my screen.

So, I’ve been exploring some new apps in the App Store as a way to distract myself from reality. And now I’d like to share it with you!

1. Asphalt 9

I’m obsessed with this game. It’s a car racing game and it’s franchise is one that I’ve been a loyal user of for a long while now. I’ve played Asphalt 5 til the current version which is 9 now. If you love racing games, sleek cars and graphics then you’ll definitely love this. The best thing about the game (besides the cars) is the music. There’s different music playing depending on the interface. For example, if I’m starting a race then it plays a rather upbeat song that get me kind of happy and pumped up; while a more sedate (but no less catchy) song will be playing as I explore my garage or options.

2. Slowly

It’s been recently featured on App Store and that’s when I discovered it. I love this concept of snail mail as I’ve never had a pen pal before and I find it intriguing. I like that sending letters to people all over the world are as easy as pressing a button. The time it takes for the letters to arrive to the recipient are dependent on how far you are from them. Also, the anonymity of only a avatar, username and country of origin is pretty fun.

3. Unsplash

I could get stuck in this app for hours if I let myself. This app provides free photos and images that you can download and then edit it for your own use! I think that they have a website as well. It a really easy platform to use for finding background photos for your phone or laptop, or even photos for my own blog posts.

4. Sudoku Master Edition

Honestly, I have a weakness for sudoku puzzles. Does it count as a puzzle? I’m not sure. I usually play when I’m trying to “not think” which is is ironic because sudoku requires a lot of logical thinking skills. I also play when I’m waiting for someone because killing time while exercising my brain seems less of a waste of time.

I’ll be sending my laptop for repair soon so I might not blog as often because I find that doing it on my phone doesn’t give me the enjoyment I feel when typing on a keyboard. I know I’m weird.

p/s: Feature Photo by Benjaminrobyn Jespersen on Unsplash


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