When I wake up…

I have a set of routine or mental checklist that I have to go through. As soon as my alarm rings (after snoozing it a few times), I have to do this to truly feel awake and ready to start my day. It’s kind of soothing to have a routine because it makes me feel ready to face the world and if I somehow miss it or don’t the time to do these things then get ready for cranky me. Oops.

1 – I check my phone

Since my phone acts as an alarm, it’s not really surprising that I start to check out on what I missed during my beauty sleep. Instagram, messenger, twitter, you name it. I’m more active on Instagram than any other social media platform. Plus, some cute pics of Timothée goes a long way to tide me over the rest of the day.

2 – Play music

I tend to need a little more help staying awake. So I play music. Softly though. I like quiet mornings so the music I play tend to be quite soft or peaceful. Acoustic Favourites, here I come.

3 – Brush my teeth and wash my face

So the cleaning routine begins. It’s kinda refreshing to brush my teeth first before a face wash. Because after I wash my face, I’m effectively blind for a moment before I manage to find my towel. Feeling clean and refreshed makes me feel happy cause I’m a little bit touchy about hygiene sometimes.

4 – Read a poem, short story or quote

So I make it a habit to kinda have a saying or thought in my mind as I get ready. I just need to mentally prepare myself for dealing with people, okay. I’m weird so I just need a minute to calm down and breathe.

5 – Check my schedule

I don’t like to be under-prepared. I just feel better knowing what my plan for the day is. The unknown isn’t really appealing to me. I like to know where I have to be and what I have planned for the day. If I have a break in the afternoon, great! Schedule in a nap.


p/s: I really would love to include breakfast in this list. But I’m just not that kind of person. I’m a brunch-er. It saves both time and money. Hey, two for one. Coffee or Milo used to be a thing I do in the morning but I just don’t have the time for it before I rush out to uni, so I’ll just buy something real quick from the canteen. I used to be a morning person too but that was before life in uni hit me like a truck and I realise that sleep was God’s gift to man. So if I have more time to sleep in then yes, I would prefer to do so.



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