Solo: A Star Wars Story – a review

Hey, guys! Did you miss me? I've just recently got back from a short holiday with my friends and I'm absolutely knackered. It's been a fun time and although it was quite distressing at times, I can say with certainty that it was an adventure. I say distressing because: 1) we ran out of petrol… Continue reading Solo: A Star Wars Story – a review


Saturday Night Trek

So I've just finished a Star Trek reboot movie marathon. I've been a trekker ever since I was a child. I've watched the original Star Trek and I loved it. But I have to say that the reboot actors are definitely easier on the eyes. I absolutely adore the cast for the reboot. Chris Pine,… Continue reading Saturday Night Trek

A Quiet Place – a review

Okay, I know that I've mentioned that I'm not the type to go for horror movies. But after seeing the ratings and reviews, I just had to go. Not to mention, the compelling trailer and concept really drew me in. I wasn't really enthusiastic about it because we were going to watch it at night… Continue reading A Quiet Place – a review

Pacific Rim: Uprising – a review

I honestly loved the first movie. It was interesting in a way that the male and female lead didn't have to develop a romantic relationship with each other. The female lead, Mako actually inspired the Mako Mori test in which to measure the presence of women. Going off topic here but stay with me. The… Continue reading Pacific Rim: Uprising – a review

Tomb Raider – a review

I'd watched Angelina Jolie's Lara Croft movies and they were quite action-packed and had some elements of magic. It was a movie that practically catapulted her to stardom so to see a newer take on the series is really exciting! Interestingly, in this reboot of the popular game-turned-movie franchise, they decided to go with the… Continue reading Tomb Raider – a review