Saturday Night Trek

So I’ve just finished a Star Trek reboot movie marathon. I’ve been a trekker ever since I was a child. I’ve watched the original Star Trek and I loved it. But I have to say that the reboot actors are definitely easier on the eyes.

I absolutely adore the cast for the reboot. Chris Pine, who plays James Tiberius Kirk (Jim) was my first ever actor crush. I can still remember him from Princess Diaries 2. That was such a long time ago. In the first installment of the movies, one of my favourite scenes was where Jim runs to the bridge to inform Captain Pike about the Nerada and the lightning storm in space. And of course the scene where Jim and Spock debate on helping Nero. Totally badass.

Into Darkness welcomes the ever-amazing Benedict Cumberbatch! If you’ve not watched the television series, Sherlock, well then, where have you been? Join us and even better, you’ve managed to skip the entire lifetime of waiting for the next season. A grand total of 4 seasons with an accumulated 13 episodes. Yes, you saw that right. 13. You’ll be so hooked and at the edge of our seat for the unexpected turns and adventures of Sherlock and John. Benedict was absolutely fantastic in Star Trek as Khan and I can never look away from his acting. The entire movie was amazing to me and I can’t choose the best scenes. However, there are a few scenes that never fail to make me cry. Everytime. (I’m weird, I know) Sad scenes: Where Pike takes Jim as his First Officer and then dying, the scene where Jim sacrifices himself to save his crew and Spock talking to him in Jim’s last moments.

Beyond brings Idris Elba and I cannot believe that the antagonist was him all along. Brilliant work. Jim and Spock being conflicted kind of breaks my heart because they are the duo that I really wish would just be canon. I ship them so much. It also breaks my heart that we’ve lost two great actors, Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin. Watching scenes of Chekov was kind of hard and not to mention the way they honoured Spock Prime in the movie made me weepy. I kinda squealed and teared up when they showed the photo of the original Star Trek cast.

What an emotional roller coaster. Staying in and just having a movie marathon is always a great decision. A great Saturday night for me! ❤


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