Freedom and Boredom

I’m free! Free from the tyranny of my supervisor, the stress of studies and the examinations. It feels almost surreal that I’m actually going to be graduating. Nothing can really describe how I’m feeling right now. It’s a little bittersweet but mostly, sweet. I’ll be leaving my friends who are from all over the country and also, some friends that have not completed their studies. I know that I can always visit them but things won’t be the same anymore. I mean, no more late night suppers together, sleepovers and even spontaneous road trips. I’ll miss my friends the most. But I’m definitely eager for the next part of my life to start. I’m a little reluctant to say goodbye to this place but I feel mostly relief at it being finally over.

After being busy for God knows how long, I do appreciate the freedom and joy in being bored. Nothing truly says being free as boredom. The fact that I actually have the time to be bored is a blessing in itself. No pending deadlines or plans of studying as soon as I’m done with meal times. It feels great to just rot with my laptop and binge-watch movies, and catch up on some series and dramas. Cheers for that and so here’s to being BORED!


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