So, it’s my birthday. Luckily, I didn’t end up having Groundhog Day after being murdered. Hopefully someone gets this movie reference *nervous laughter*

It’s a weird thing knowing that on this “magical day”, I’m somehow older. I don’t feel any different than I do on any other day but I like knowing that it’s my birthday. I wonder if it’s just me but I feel kinda awkward and put on the spot when someone sings “Happy birthday” to me and I just stand there and smile. It’s a nice feeling when someone actually remembers and makes the effort to celebrate it or make it special somehow. For me, getting to blow out a candle and making a wish is the most special part of birthdays. I get this special kind of joy after doing it.

I don’t really get to celebrate my birthday much at home. In my family, birthdays aren’t really a big deal. So I’ve kinda gotten used to it being another ordinary day but I do sing a birthday song to myself at midnight just to make myself feel better. Today, I had a great meal with my friends and it’s already special knowing that there are people out there that want to celebrate this special day with me. Thank you to all of you ❤

p/s: I just realised that there’s a lot of the word “birthday” in this post


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