Getting ready for the long haul

They say that one day when you’re older, you’ll wake up and start to realise the importance of a job. By the time you’re an adult, “you’ll have it all figured out.” I wish I were like those people, those who know exactly where they’re gonna be 6 months later, or even years from now. I have no bloody clue as to where my life is heading and I have to say that it’s scary.

No one really tells you that. No one told me that it’s alright to be scared. No one prepares you for the reality that one day, you have to be independent and just somehow, KNOW what you’ll do for the rest of life. They say that I should have it all planned out. All these questions of, “So, what are your plans after graduating?” or “Do you plan on continuing your studies?” And if somehow you fail to answer those questions, you see the look on their faces and you get this feeling of shame.

Honestly, from a young adult to another, you’ll be scared. You’ll doubt yourself. Maybe even change your mind a couple hundred times. But let me be the one to say that, it’s okay. I’m here for you. You’re not alone in this and not everyone will say this, but we’re all just winging it, really. You just have to start somewhere. I just want to tell those who feel the same way that we’re all going through this or may have already been through this. So, high five!

I’m am unsure of what’s going to happen in the future. I am a worrier and an overthinker. I mean, why are we expected to know where our lives will lead when most of the time, we’ve never been exposed to the real world? When we have no real life experience for how it’s going to be like out there. We have these expectations forced upon us and we feel pressured to somehow meet them.

I can plan all I like but the reality is, things won’t always go my way. I will make mistakes but I will get back up and try again. Trying to rush things won’t magically make it easier. I have accepted that. I just hope that I’ll find my place in the world. I can’t say for sure that I’ll succeed but I’m only afraid of not being brave enough to try. So for those finding themselves or trying to make sense of their future, I wish you all the luck!


Success is not vital, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to to continue that counts.

-Winston Churchill


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