Versatile Blogger Award

What a surprise to be nominated for this award! This honour was bestowed upon me by Em , who is the author of such an aesthetically beautiful blog called Earthly Brain. She has interesting ramblings and poems that I am currently binge-reading.

So, the first rule is to reveal 7 facts about myself. I personally find it a little hard to come up with these out of the blue but I’ll try. Here goes nothing:

1 – I love to sing. Showers and karaoke are my stage.

2 – I don’t like chocolate. I like chocolate wafers though, strange.

3 – I’m mostly left-handed. I say mostly, because sometimes, I’m ambidextrous.

4 – There’s no seasons where I’m from. But I would say that my favourite would be Winter. 

5 – My favourite ice cream flavours are vanilla, chocolate mint and yam.

6 – I never go anywhere without my watch. I feel kind of bare without it.

7 – I like Pepsi more than Coke. Trust me, there’s a difference.

And the second rule is to nominate other bloggers. So here are some of the interesting blogs that I’ve recently discovered:

Miriam Juliet

Jaipur Reader

A box of thoughts

Life & Lullabies

Dear Heart

Be sure to check them out and spread love and joy!


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