Life is unfair

I cannot believe my luck. I have to say that things have been pretty bad lately. First, there was the hoo-ha with this man a certain individual (that must not be named). God forbid that he sees this. And then, it was some drama with some of my coursemates and now I get to see my close friends get hurt and betrayed. It all seems a little unfair that all of this negative occurrences keep happening around me and I can do nothing about it.

The past 6 months have been the most grueling and emotionally challenging months of my life. It was never-ending and I felt as if I was going to collapse under the pressure. Thankfully, I can see the finish line, but I just have to swim across an ocean, climb a mountain and parachute my way there. The next few weeks are not going to be easy, that’s for sure.

I’m sensitive and my emotions get the best of me sometimes. It’s hard to hold back and be polite and professional around someone who does not offer you the same courtesy. However, I managed to do it and not stoop so low to his level. All I know is that once I’m done and I hand it over to him, I’m going to leave him behind and move on.

Seeing my friends get into trouble because of issues that he caused, is really frustrating because it’s not their fault. Somehow they just got targeted by him and it’s just unfair. I can see my friends struggling with accusations and the backstabbing. They don’t deserve to be treated like this. What could someone possibly gain by messing with someone’s life/grade? I really wish that this could be over soon and that my friends would be left alone. Enough is enough.

I’m sorry if you have no idea what I’m talking about. But I just wanted to express the frustration and stress that I have felt regarding the things happening recently. I’m trying to be optimistic but why does everything seem to be against us at the moment?


18 thoughts on “Life is unfair”

  1. So sorry you are having to deal with this. While I don’t know the details other than what you shared I do totally understand the basics of the situation and your frustrations. I’ve dealt with stuff like this at work. I’m glad you were able to vent it out here though. Sometimes that goes a long way in helping us deal with things because unfortunately you are correct – life is unfair and it does not get better once you are out of school. You just learn how to navigate it a bit better. Hang in there. You have a good heart and I truly believe life will come back to bite people like this in the ass at some point.

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  2. I felt similarly at one point. Things improve dramatically later when you have control over your surroundings. Hold on in there and be there for those you care about. Hope you are okay, I remember it can be entirely consuming when you are caught in the fray.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts. It’s easy to lose myself when things go wrong around me and I’ll have to remember that it’s only temporary. I’ll be fine soon, I hope. Thanks for caring 💕


  3. I have been through this and I can very much relate to what you are going through. A person whom you admired and respected so much turns out the biggest villain of life. But you know my dad used to say one thing

    (Beta, jo hota hai ache ke liye hota hai). I am from India and in English the translation is “Son, whatever happens, it happens for good. You just need to wait for that almighty to complete the task”. Initially it made no sense to me but as time passed, I realised actually whatever happened was good. It gave me a lesson, tested my character and eliminated a wrong person from my life. I learned that you need to give time a bit of time.

    Rest, I am sure you would again be the happiest.

    I have started expressing my words off late and should you want to read my posts, you may please drop by my blog.

    Take care ! Keep writing! Stay blessed !

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