Ready Player One – a review

I was really excited to see this because of the amazing trailer and I have to say that it was better than I expected. The character development was amazing and the movie was littered with Easter eggs, in every sense of the word. Excellent backstory and you really feel as if you’re joining the challenge for the egg-hunting along with the characters. The plot was relatable and basically called out to my not-so-inner child and gamer.

The visual effects and production design was so spot on for this movie. Barely 30 minutes in, the racing scene totally blew my mind. I was whooping and clenching the edge of my seat because the flow and story completely sucked me in. Except for the slightly off-putting romance, it felt a bit out of place with the entire movie. It just didn’t feel natural nor was it necessary.

The plot was unpredictable and action-packed. Touching at times and also awe-inspiring. With all the pop cultural references and even anime was included, it’s not surprising for me to be pointing out and just being happy that characters that I loved were on-screen. I kinda gasped when I saw The DeLorean ❤ I absolutely loved the soundtrack and it just reminded me of arcades and of sweet memories of my childhood.

Worth every penny spent. I would definitely recommend this nostalgia-wrapped movie if you enjoy adventure, sci-fi and fantasy; and all things gamer-related.

Final verdict:
Plot: 9/10
Acting: 8/10
Action: 9/10
Visual effects: 10/10
Climax: 8/10



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