My kind of people

Usually my social life extends to only me and my bestfriend. However, I am really grateful to have met these two boys that are so close to my heart.

One of the two, is a book worm like me and our similar interests in music, movies and books allow us to get along really well. Except for the occasional bickering in which he just doesn’t quite get the concept of “agreeing to disagree” and his general preoccupancy with his phone. The other one is the tallest among us (also is the tallest person I know) and despite his exterior, he’s a real softie and is quite attentive and considerate towards others.

I’m comforted by the fact that they always have my back. In times where I feel vulnerable emotionally, it’s nice to be able to rely on them and not be judged. We’re an unlikely bunch and we just kind of naturally formed a quartet of sorts. We don’t really fit in with the crowd so maybe that’s why we work.

Today was a little tough. My supervisor, who is a real piece of work, was really unreasonable and rude today which really affected my mood, appetite and social bar. Spending time with our little quartet of misfits at Starbucks was the highlight of today. Thanks, guys ❤


via Daily Prompt: Quartet


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