Life all around us

I am but a feeling, a small mass of thoughts and bits of soul held together by the flesh and bones in which I am defined by the people around me. In each of us, we carry our small wonders in these transports that we place such high value and importance. Despite it not being all that we are, it is what we see and touch with. It is what we view each other as. Everyone around us are lost souls bound to the confinements of our corporeal bodies.

In this world, who we are as human beings matters. We all play a part. Be it a a celebrity whose existence is known to most of the world or a lowly man begging on the streets. The vast diversity of life bring forth infinite questions that we are unable to answer. The complexity and intricacy of humans are a marvel to behold and despite us exploring galaxies and the world beyond the heavens, an important mystery lies within us. Who are we? What is our purpose here? Were we meant to just live out our lives; to study, work and build families? Is there anything more to life? Knowledge is power, as they say. But with all the knowledge in the world, what are we supposed to do with it? Were we meant to traverse through space? To what end?

It seems useless to ponder and sometimes my thoughts have a mind of its own. As just one individual among billions on this wonderful planet, I can only hope that my life brings about change or even impact others and so I would have at least left a small legacy to mark my existence. That I was here.


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