Scented candles

I am obsessed with them. I love the warmth and atmosphere that they emit. The glow of the candle and seeing the contrast where modern meets simplicity. A candle being a source of light, warmth and life. I’m getting sidetracked but bear with me for a moment. An advice to everyone: Don’t stare at the candle flame for too long. It may seem weak but it can actually damage your eyes. So okay, back on track.

I’ve only recently bought them at Bath and Body Works and fell in love with them. My nose is really sensitive and most perfumes and colognes make me sneeze. But candles were a pleasant surprise. They’re just the right balance where it’s soothing yet not too much for my nose to handle. It’s a problem when I’m actually in the store though. The assault on my senses makes me sneeze and I have to bring a tissue along with me. It’s kind of embarrassing. Having to pick a scent gives me anxiety. There’s just so many to choose from. There’s just some that I can’t stand and some that are just tolerable. So finding a suitable scent is a little hard for me. Being in the store for a long time is a problem because my nose just starts acting up and it’ll be out of commission for awhile.

But in the end, I managed to choose a few and the scents I chose were Vanilla Snowflake, Fresh Sparkling Snow, Bow Ties and Bourbon, and Pink Champagne. I bought the first two during Christmas and then I bought the latter two because I couldn’t get enough and I just needed more.

I think I prefer candles more than scent diffusers. Mainly because of the aesthetic, really. The candles come in the cutest and beautiful glass jars. Not to mention that most of them even have covers that have patterns on them. And of course, I could just blow the candle out if I’ve had enough but scent diffuser sticks are kind of always there.

Sleep has been evading me recently because of the stress so I figured that some candles could be of some help. They help to “lighten” to my burden. So, do you have some favourite candles that “light up your world” too?

p/s: I’m shameless with the lame puns :))


5 thoughts on “Scented candles”

  1. A scented candle was the last gift my husband bought me before he was arrested. It was grape. I’d never had a grape candle before, but it smelled divine! I took a pic of the empty jar in hopes to fill our future home with that scent for his return. ☺️ Good memories.

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