An exercise in futility

She hears it everyday. Everytime she looks in the mirror. In the background as she blinks away the shroud of sleep and awareness starts to creep in.

These noises at the back of her head. It’s relentless and neverending. She can’t ignore it or it’ll get louder. Mostly she tries to pretend that she doesn’t care about them. But in the end, they start to get more insistent and end up distracting her throughout the day.

On bad days, they win and she just curls up in bed. She doesn’t eat, move or sleep.


Stop it! I just want to – 


When she finally resurfaces, the noises seem to be muted as though to give her some reprieve after an intangible amount of time. She recovers but at such a slow pace that she wonders if she’s ever going to smile again. It takes awhile but she gets back on her feet and is ready to face the world again.

She’s afraid but after the ordeal, she just wants to feel normal again. These are some of the good days. So she smiles and pretends that all’s well but the noises are still ever-present, merely biding their time and waiting for the moment when she lets her guard down again.


via Daily Prompt: Noise


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