What a fool

A letter to a jerk:

This isn’t the first time nor would it be the last. I’m upset and frankly I’m beginning to resent you. I hate jump scares. I hate being teased or toyed with. I’m willing to tolerate some harmless pranks and jokes. But I think that it’s gone far enough.

You’ve once closed the door on me when I wanted to enter the hostel. Actually, make that a few times. It’s honestly childish and I’m starting to imagine slamming the door in your face or on your fingers.

Suddenly jumping at me from the shadows at the front door. Making me scream. Was it really so funny to you? You insensitive prick. I’m afraid of the dark. I know that you may not be aware of that because I don’t really make it known but must you do that? It’s not the first time and I’ve already told you to stop.

Tonight’s incident was the worst. Scaring me when I’m in mid-conversation with my friend. It was dark and really out of nowhere. I got a panic attack. I burst into tears in my room and tried to breathe but it hurt. Honestly, I just feel kinda dead inside. Maybe it’s the shock or the adrenaline. I never want to see you again. It’s hard because you’re my housemate but I just can’t pretend to be okay with you anymore. I’m tired and I’m just so fed up.

I just feel that it’s unfair because I am so emotionally distraught and affected by this but you get to have a good laugh at my expense. You’re acting like a bully. I hate this feeling in my chest. I resent you most of all.


p/s: Sorry for the negativity tonight. I just feel so numb inside.


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