Pigeon #67

Everyday I see you from my window. Hopping around the rooftop. Chatting with your fellow bird friends. I wonder if you have a mate or even a bestfriend. I’d like to think that you have enough food to eat because you are the fattest among your friends. I hope that you share your food with them.

Day 1

Your flight feathers seem a little crooked. Perhaps you might want to groom yourself a little? There’s a puddle of clear water nearby. I see that your tail feathers are very shiny today. Maybe you do know how to clean up after yourself.

Day 2

It rained really heavily today. I see that you took shelter with a friend on a pipe under the awning. That’s nice of you to share the spot. Usually I see you occupying that spot alone but it appears that you’ve made a friend. I enjoy the rain as it’s been a hot couple of days. It’s unfortunate that you can’t enjoy it.

Day 3

Aww, you fell asleep. What an adorable sight! Good afternoon, #67. I am sorry for the loss of one of your friends. It appears that it ran into my neighbour’s window. Hope that you take of yourself.


-From the journal of a worried pigeon watcher.


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