Time for Zen

It’s been a tough few weeks. Having to finish my thesis in the middle of all these exams have really been stressing me out. The lack of sleep and relaxation has been killing me slowly. I do have some quick go-to routines or activities that I find soothing and relaxing. It’s hard to find the time to do them but I find that a little bit of zen does wonders for me after a grueling day of studying or typing on the laptop the entire day.

So here are a list of things that I do to de-stress:

1. Painting my nails

I know, weird. But I find it very therapeutic to just focus on painting my nails for those few minutes where all my attention is just on my fingernails and nothing else matters.

2. A cold drink

I find that a refreshing drink helps me a lot. At least it gets my butt off the chair and I get to rest my eyes a little. Having to stretch while getting a drink and just taking my mind off it for a moment is kinda nice. Keeping myself hydrated is important too!

3. Listening to music

Okay, I find that the type of music depends on my mood. If I’m feeling stuck in a rut then I prefer loud and upbeat songs. But if I’m frustrated or confused then I prefer songs that are slow and soft. But when I have a headache, I prefer instrumentals.

4. Cleaning up

Sometimes just sitting still and focusing too hard on one thing makes me restless. To get rid of the excess energy, I like to reorganise my things or just de-clutter my space. I like washing the dishes too. There’s just something about  watching the dishes sparkle and shine when I’m done. Ah, yes, the satisfaction.

5. Watching a short video or a movie scene

I like watching a funny video or even a talkshow that makes me laugh. The jolt of happiness really gets me motivated to go on. Even replaying my favourite scene in a movie just lift a weight off my chest. Escapism FTW.

6. Blogging

Ah yes. A new personal favourite. Escaping responsibilities for the moment like a pro. It’s always fun to take my mind off the serious stuff and just start writing. For now, I’m trying to post everyday so these few moments where I just let loose and start typing makes me feel rested, weirdly.


I can only think of a few so far. But if you have any more ideas on what to do to de-stress then I’m all ears. I’m also curious as to what you guys usually do to chill out. I need to hibernate for like, a least a month before I feel normal again.


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