A sense of acceptance

The past few days have been a nice surprise! I did not expect the warm welcome and the general friendliness of the blogging community. I feel honoured to know all of you and even though it’s only been 2 weeks of blogging for me, I feel like this is the outlet that I’ve always needed but never found the courage to actually start. It’s always nice to have feedback and comments from all of you and I appreciate that every time I see a ‘like’ or a ‘comment.’

Writing has  always been a means for me to express myself. I know that sometimes words may get lost in translation but I like the feeling of actually seeing my thoughts and feelings. I write for myself and sometimes to express my love or excitement for something. So, if it makes anyone out there feel better or even feel a sense of camaraderie then it’s an added bonus! The same goes for me, because reading the stories or thoughts of others is always an eye-opener for me and I love how people have so much in common yet we all are unique in the best ways ❤

We all have ups and downs in our lives. I’m currently in one of the downs. Sigh. But at least I’ll try to spread love and joy as much as possible! So, know that I appreciate the blogging community so much! Sending all of the support and love from my little corner of the world to you 🙂




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