I am sensitive

When things get complicated, the fight or flight instinct kicks in and my first thought is flight. I don’t like getting into the middle of things. I dislike confrontation. It’s very messy business isn’t it? To be caught up in drama and wondering why, out of all the people here, it had to me.

I am very attuned to my emotions, in other words, I am a sensitive person. I am just a walking, talking ball of emotions. I know that it’s not a bad thing but it’s just that feelings cause things to get out of hand sometimes. I’m a slave to my emotions because they cloud my judgement. But I’d like to think in this mess of emotions, I am able to appreciate things more and I get to experience more as well. I admit, I cry easily when I read books or watch movies. Apparently, my empathy makes it very easy to put myself in the characters’ shoes. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mix well with horror movies and ghost stories. Nope.

So I guess my point is that, humans are complicated. We like to fool ourselves by thinking and saying that we have got ourselves together. We don’t really want to reveal to others of our inner turmoil. All of us are messy and I mean that in the best way possible.

p/s: Not true for everyone though, because there will be that one biatch that is just way to messy and so full of drama. And I would avoid her like the plague because I can’t handle it *hides*


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6 thoughts on “I am sensitive”

  1. Nothing wrong with being sensitive. I hate that society expects us to ‘function’ and only show emotions when it’s ‘appropriate’. Cry during movies and when reading books. We’re sensitive and we show that we care ❤

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  2. Personally, I think the most “together” you can have yourself is to be present in the moment and aware. No need to suppress or mask your emotion. You seem very together- from one very sensitive person to another 💕

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