Loud noises and darkness

So I’m currently doing this on my phone and I’m home alone *nervous laughter* It’s absolutely pouring outside right now and I have an irrational fear of loud noises. I was alright with it for awhile, I mean it’s just rain, right? But no, the electricity had to be cut off right at this moment where I am barely holding off the fear that threatens to swallow me.

So my whole house is just enveloped in darkness and I’m just sitting right by the window where it’s semi-bright. While trying to distract myself from the noise and the dark by posting on my blog and listening to music. I mean, I’m 22 this year, yet I still feel paralysed by fear when things like this happen. I feel so childish. But hey, at least there’s still daylight. And look! I’m saved. At least my brother’s back and I’m not alone anymore. Thank god for small mercies. So tell me, what are your worst fears?

P/s: I am scared of other things as well. What a Gryffindor, I am.


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